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A quiet spot for art galleries to get familiar with web marketing

If I remember well, I stumbled upon the definition of 'art marketing' more than 25 years ago.
At that time I observed the art gallery world only from a distance. I couldn't possibly perceive web marketing for art galleries as something that would become a major part of my life.

It would have been hard too... the Internet was still in its incubation. The web, well... not even.


I don't come from the 'art world' either

Although... partly. I have a master’s degree in art history. Much to my surprise, I felt unsatisfied with the purely aesthetical approach from the start and found myself drawn to what was happening 'behind the scene': by contracts, prices, patrons... how paintings 'change hands'.

In fact by the pre-history of 'art marketing'. As a consequence the art trade became my main field of research.


Centuries old sand

I spent months in the municipal archives deciphering the correspondence of 17th century Antwerp art dealers in an attempt to estimate the export and trade of Flemish paintings.

How these dealers marketed their paintings, acted on insiders' information and adjusted their strategies accordingly, added a 'real world' dimension that was well beyond my expectations.

I would never again look at the arts in the same way.

What remains is a thesis archived somewhere in a faculty library and a small bottle filled with some centuries old sand used to dry the ink, still contained in the bundles.


Exit the art dealers' world for many years ...

When an ad agency contacted me to help them out with a job, I rolled into a business-to-business environment.

To start with: content development for the very first multimedia applications on CD-ROM, followed by the development of corporate websites and finally web content consultancy for banks, insurance companies, innovative lighting products, ... .


I have been a miner

To paraphrase the parable of the diamonds: for a good deal of my life I have been mining, leaving the cutting and polishing to others.

Budgets, clients, circumstances always came up with challenges I could not refuse. It was always time to move on.

My passion for digital applications grew in parallel with the increasing opportunities they offered. Working on the Internet and the web from scratch, it was a deadline-driven, hectic period.

I like positive stress, but the corporate environment was dictating my life.


Time to start offering my diamonds

A booklet on time management initiated a decisive return. It was a reflection on the Benedictine rule which soon revealed itself to be more of a 'change management' book.

During my renewed contacts with gallery dealers I suddenly realized that I was able to gather all my previously unconnected skills, knowledge and interests into one enriching activity.


An open invitation to look beyond the existing gallery model

The web is nothing but another fast moving medium and I love to help master its 'code', full of challenges.

My best option is to demonstrate its opportunities step-by-step: via articles, different types of consulting, 'reality checks', interesting books and tools or, for example, scans of your gallery's site through the eyes of other professionals.


I admit, my approach is not so common

It is based on easy-to-implement, yet powerful web marketing strategies and refreshing tactics from outside the art gallery world. Away from the overal hype and buzz, the event-driven happenings that art fairs have become, topped by the ever growing frenzy in the media.

Why? Because I want the Art Gallery Hub to be a quiet spot where you can learn at your own pace what it really takes to master the web for your business.


Welcome if you accept my invitation to join.


the Art Gallery Hub - Luuk Christiaens



Luuk Christiaens