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The 'lawyer's approach' to your gallery's site

The first asset a lawyer would check in detail is your domain name. It is the most important asset you have on the web. If you forget to extend your registration in time, you risk your domain name picked up by someone else.


Have you secured your domain name for the long term?

Did you take a long term option or do you have to renew your domain name every single year?

It goes without saying that on top of the fact that it is cheaper, opting for the long term saves you a lot of hassle in case you forgot.

You should also be aware that most search engines look up the duration of a domain name's registration to judge the authority and life span of a site. Sites with a duration of 5 or 10 years are are taken more seriously than a site who's registration covers only a single calendar year. A detail, but it can matter a great deal.


Did you register your domain name with different extensions?

Most gallery's sites opt for a .com extension. But it can be useful to also register national extensions for your domain name, especially in non-American parts of the world. And most certainly if your gallery is mainly active on the national market or to stress the location of your gallery or its subsidiaries.

On top of these, European based galleries can distiguish themselves by using the domain name.

Registering multiple extensions is more economic and can also be useful to avoid being contacted by firms specialized in racketing and offering to buy over a national or European extension they 'registered'.


Did you spell the service contract with your provider before signing up?

We all go for the less expensive service contracts. We all seek quality service offering a maximum of advantages, download speed, number of mail boxes, etc.

What guarantees does your service provider offer related to 24/7 availability, reliability, bandwidth, download speed?

Remember too that most providers still force you to pay a fee if you want to switch from provider before the end of your contract, others accept it.

Check and read the small print before your sign up. Go shopping before you decide.




Concerning the relationship with your visitors there also are some important, even legal notifications, you simply can't neglect.


Do you have a 'Privacy policy' page on your gallery's site?

Most gallery sites don't and that's a legal shortcoming.

To cut short, as soon as you 'store' even a single mail address from a visitor, you have to 'guarantee' that you will take care of this piece of information you receive.

If you send out invitations, a newsletter or any other message via your personal contact list or your gallery's mailing list, please publish or make available your policy related to the collecting of private information on your gallery's site.


Do you have a 'Terms & Conditions' page?

There is a massive amount of copyrighted material and downloadable info on each gallery's site. Pictures of works of art, your logo, graphics, maps designed by your web design firm, etc. Do you specify on your site how visitors can make use of these materials?

Copyright infringements are legion on the web and there's (almost) nothing you can do about it in the end.

But having the terms & conditions of use published on your gallery's site offers you at least a basic protection if one day you should be forced to enter a case in justice


Do you track your visitors' behaviour?

If so, please inform your visitors about what type of tracking tool your have installed and what type of information you gather. And more importantly what you do with this information.


Does your site comply with the legal dispositions of your country?

Even if the art gallery world is going global, your gallery's site resides under the laws and regulations of the country of origin where your gallery is located and registered.

There are a lot of differences in the legal dispositions on privacy matters between for example the United States and Europe. Within European legislations there are some lesser differences too.

Be sure to comply with these legal dispositions. If in doubt, contact a lawyer specialised in web practices and internet legislation.




If you have any remarks, questions, corrections you would like to see please email me directly and let me know. If there's anything I can do, I will do. I am interested in getting your feedback. Needless to say that any communication between us remains strictly confidential.


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