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What is a square meter to a real estate agent is a pixel to a web designer

It's not by coincidence that web professionals talk about the superface of a web page as the 'real estate' of a page.

Likewise, if you want a down-to-earth estimate of your assets there is no better short cut than to ask an expert.

What does a real estate agent look at for his estimation?

What is precious or even priceless in your eyes, has a lot less value to a real estate agent. Because his estimates are based on different parameters and essentials.

Funny enough, we can easily replace all his essentials by its counterpart on the web. From location, over quality of the construction, to maintenance and opportunities to adopt or refurbish a space.


How do you manage the real estate of your web pages?

Do you optimize each pixel of your webpages or are you spilling precious space?

Are the key elements of your web pages well planned or should you relocate some menu items, buttons, graphics to achieve a higher efficiency?

Have you ever divided your web pages into different 'activity' zones - think art fair booth for example too - and measured how much space you allocate to each of them?


Optimizing each pixel does not mean you should load your web pages up to last pixel with images, graphics or text.

Clean, empty spaces play a distinctive role and add to a page's impact. The less 'noise' a page counts, the greater their impact on your visitor it has.


What about the location of your gallery's site?

What makes the greatest value of any real estate for a professional? Simple: 'location, location, location'. Any broker will tell you.

Where your gallery's site is located, how easily it can be spotted, how trendy the neighborhood is ... these factors influence its value on the web as directly as in real life.

Much as in real life the web has its own trendy districts, elite quarters, historic neighborhoods and up towns.

If you want to ensure your gallery's site a lot of traffic, you should be present on these spots.


Can your gallery's site easily be found on the web?

City maps, tourist guides, yellow pages, ads in magazines, brochures, flyers are all meant to make it easy for a visitors to discover or locate your gallery.

The web has its own counterparts with local search, Google maps, Foursquare, web directories, portals, adwords, etc.

To start with, have you submitted your gallery's site to the open directory initiative (
A venerable institution, I know, but still of influence.

To browser's directories? Or any other professional directory? Is your site listed on the major gallery portals?

If so, excellent.

Yet, there's more to it. It's (sometimes) good to have your URL listed in these directories. But it's paramount to follow up these directories closely and certainly be sure that the link to your site is 'active'.

Check if all directories, portals and other initiaves where your site is listed link to your gallery's site. Because it's hell to maintain all these listings without an active inbound link to your gallery's site it's a pure waste.


Is your gallery's site easily spotted by trendsetters?

In real life people adore to be informed about new venues, 'the places to be', 'the talk of the town' locations discovered by spotters.

On the web there are also trendsetters.

I admit, you will not easily find them because they are mainly active in the arty blogosphere or in social media. Nevertheless, if you want to reach out to new audiences from outside the art world, it certainly is well worth the effort.

Once spotted (and approved) you can be sure your gallery's site will be in the fast lane.




If you have any remarks, questions, corrections you would like to see please email me directly and let me know. If there's anything I can do, I will do. I am interested in getting your feedback. Needless to say that any communication between us remains strictly confidential.


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