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Available spots

I'll update the list of spots available during the first semester 2018 as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please note that I don't accept audit reports during July, August and December.







Do you master your gallery site's opportunities?


The main focus of your gallery's site is to promote your artists. Fair enough.

Besides the regular updates with each show, you add news about your roster, refresh bios, complete calendars, etc. Over time these updates become a copy-paste routine. You may even assume these are sufficient to your site's presence.

Galleries with a performing web site that is omnipresent on the web will gladly tell you otherwise.


There is no time for routine on the web

The web reinvents itself constantly.

If you want your web presence to continue to surprise you with its performance, you have to keep up with the web. Otherwise updates and other routine tasks are nothing but a thin coat of fresh paint.

It all looks top. While in fact all your efforts to promote your artists suffer.


Cut short with your guesses about your web performance

You can choose to continue to live with your assumptions and guesses as to why other gallery sites perform better. How they manage to pop up every where. I even have a perfect excuse for you for that matter: you always considered your site as secondary to your efforts off-line. Right?


Go for a reality check

Say you worked already to optimize your web performance and presence. What was your starting point? Revisit the content of your gallery's site? Optimize the coding? Tackle your visibility via an advertising campaign?

Unless you have a clear view and know exactly where you stand, adjusting but one component you can doctor on for ever.

Most of the time the causes are complementary. At the end there is but one answer: cut short and take a reality check. It is that simple.


Confront the hassle all over again?

The whole purpose of this reality check is precisely to safeguard you.

Most hassle results from temporarily fixes based on personal assumptions. To put it blunt, I would say "You are too close, too involved with your site to objectively work out where your gallery's site stands."

More over you are not expected to 'deconstruct' its functioning up to the tiniest detail yourself. This is not your role. Neither do you have to be able to spell a source code, 'weight' your presence on the web or find the blank spots in your gallery site's visibility.


Instead you can have all these spelt out for you

Your website looked at page per page becomes even more valuable when the data are delivered in a well presented, easy to understand inventory with detailed overviews and analyses.

A reliable status completed by a guide that enables you to start enhancing your performance and presence on the web right away.

This is why I decided to offer an extended inventory double by a three-steps approach to implement the fidings.


No less than a triple inventory in a blueprint

Each component of the inventory focuses on a distinct level that impacts and affects your site.

From the first overall impression, to the look and feel over a detailed analysis of the coding, through to a thorough overview of your web presence.

With the precise information and explanation in the blueprint you are really able to adopt all the changes yourself.

Yes, even if you never touched your gallery's site yourself so far.


You receive also a roadmap to facilitate your change process

What do you have to do first? What second, third? What actions can you prepare in between? Nothing is left aside to avoid you feel uncertain or confused.

In case you still prefer to ask your web designer or programmer for assistance you will have all the information he will need to follow-up. Plus the information to evaluate the quality and accuracy of his work.


Get the pulse of your gallery's site

The main purpose of this roadmap is to guide you and become familiar with a method to optimize all existing pages in a systematic way. Where should you stop and wait for the first results? What is well worth exploring deeper before you continue? Are there roadblocks ahead?

Once you are familiar with the method, you will be able to go after the same results for the pages, sections or features you plan to add in the future.

Likewise you will have a method how to go after links for your gallery site and monitor its presence systematically.

Even if you never planned to be involved so closely with your site's performance or presence, your roadmap will enable you to feel the pulse of your site and to stay in control.


A safe, compact, cross-platform approach

You receive your roadmap in pdf format to avoid any compatibility hassle. On top of the almost endless inter-active opportunities, there's almost no chance a pdf file gets infected.


The pdf format allows me to annotate and comment in the broadest sense. If necessary I can add add an audio comment, a video or an animation to explain in more detail the steps you have to take.
Because the pdf format leaves links untouched when copying or making a print, it allows me to point you to the right documentation without you having to enter the URL.


How you receive your personal roadmap


Art Gallery Hub - Reality check of gallery's site performance and web presence

Each single page comes with annotations and comments pointing to the exact spot described in the commented upon web page.


Art Gallery Hub - Reality check of gallery's site performance and web presence

Where exactly do you find a detail in your source code? No hassle by juxtaposing both screens and colour coding the consecutive annotations.


Some things still unclear?

Rest assured. I never abandon you along the road. You have the opportunity to ask me any supplementary information during the follow-up discussion we can have via email. In the email comments I insert supplementary screendumps, links or comments if things are still vague. I don't want you to miss out on a single step. Because there is even a supplementary option.


Communicate and work in real-time over Skype

I have opted for Skype first of all because it is 100% safe and secure application. Moreover it offers a unique set of features such as sharing desktop screens in real-time. This feature makes it easy to guide you to the exact spot of the changes to introduce. Moreover I can comment and control in real time the changes you make. Via the chat and send file function we can even share snippets of code to copy-paste, etc.


Your bonus: Your gallery's site vs. other gallery sites in the on-line art gallery world

What would you say if with your reality report in hand you could check and compare your site's performance with other private contemporary art galleries worldwide? Curious to know all about their web presence?
And what about the web strategies and tactics they use?

Your bonus offers you a preview of the AGH{ benchmark report comparing a random selection out of hundreds of gallery sites, established as well as young galleries.



What will happen when you click the 'Buy' button

I have set up the transaction to be as secure and straightforward as possible. When you click the option of your choice you will be prompted by PayPal to complete your order.

Please note that:

When you click 'Review Order and Continue' you will be forwarded to a second page where you can
add extra information under 'Add special instructions to merchant'.

Please add:


Click the 'Pay Now' button at the bottom and you are set.


As soon as your payment notice is transmitted and approved, you will receive a concise questionnaire to ask you some additional information about your plans and goals for your gallery's site.

When you return the questionnaire you will receive the date when to expect your audit report and the preview of the benchmark report.


I accept a maximum of audit reports a month. And that's it.

I really want to provide you the most complete audit and the appropriate corrections to improve your site's web presence and performance. It takes not only time to make a complete inventory, but even more so to analyze in depth your gallery's site performance. Sometimes details reveal their true importance only after consective checks.

So, please order your audit well in advance and reserve your spot only if you are absolutely certain.


What if you don't get value for your money?

I recommend you never buy or order something without a 100% guarantee. With your reality report you get the AGH{Tabula Rasa guarantee. Should you decide that all the information you receive with your report is of no help in any way, you can ask for a full money back.

No questions asked. I'll be happy to refund your money with a smile.


What you get with your reality report


  Reality check
Regular option
Premium option
Inventory of the relevancy, "fluidity" and feel of your site
Inventory of your site's source code
Inventory of your site's visibility: links, linking score, presence on directories and portals, return
SWOT grids for each of the inventories
Fully detailed blueprint
Your roadmap. A step-by-step action plan towards optimization in pdf format
Annotated report in pdf with links to additional resources and tools
Follow-up discussion via email
2 personal calls over Skype or Gizmo (*)
Your bonus
Exclusive preview on the web performance of contemporary art galleries worldwide
Special price (**)
€ 275
€ 315


(*) Skype are valid for 2 months from the date of delivery.

(**) Prices VAT excluded for Belgian orders.


Remember, the fee for the reality check has been kept really affordable.

Even as a start-up I want you to benefit fully of this service. It is an extra guarantee to grow and establish your web presence in a secure and steady way.



Warm regards,


Luuk Christiaens



Please contact me via this link exclusively, and let me know how I can help you.

If you encounter any problem to get your payment across, please let me know.


Address: 4 Place de Russeignies, B-7750 Belgium
Call: +32 477 575 414 (mobile)


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