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What you'll find are hints, tips, tactics that introduce you to web marketing under a not so common angle. They're different from the web marketing articles you usually discover. Often they even have no apparent link to the art gallery world.

And yes, they are sometimes a bit provocative on purpose or even 'confrontational'.


Yet, they offer a sure touchstone to re-evaluate all decisive marketing elements of your gallery's site.

I keep them short, less than 5 min. maximum. I simply want them to give you a taste of the topics covered more in extenso in the Back Room for example.

Take a coffee, go through the article intros below and pick a few here or on the next page to get familiar with my approach.


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How you can get ahead of 64 percent of private galleries

Galleries are equipped with alarm and detection systems that offer 24/7 control over every single move. But when it comes to the web most galleries adopt an opposite approach.
Oh well, luckily going out of control on the web is next to impossible, right?

Words: 1154 - Reading time: 4.5 min.




How to enhance the value of your catalogues on your site

Galleries presenting their catalogues, monographs or other publications on their site, generally show the cover, some brief summary information (that visitors can distill from the cover) and an invitation to 'contact the gallery' for more.

Few galleries openly display the price; even fewer make use of a third party to handle an online purchase. All in all it gives a rather fuzzy, timid, uncomfortable impression.

Words: 875 - Reading time: 3 min.




Why most roster pages are real turnoffs

Or why the ice cream man knows more about your roster than you imagine.

Remember when as a kid you discovered the paradise of the ice cream parlour? Once you were in front of the panoply of flavours, you were simply overwhelmed. Do you remember why? Or did you forget about the ice cream conundrum?

Words: 809 - Reading time: 3.5 min.




How even filenames play a part in your gallery's web strategy

How do you proceed when you add pictures to your gallery's site? You routinely copy/paste them from your pictures' files, right?

No need to add the artist's name in the filename because they are already in the artist's folders. And obviously not your gallery's name. After all, they are only meant for internal use on your gallery's site.


Words: 808 - Reading time: 3.5 min.




How to turn your artists' bio pages into marketing tools

The multiple sale went fine. Your new collector seems very promising. Everything is in place to celebrate a festive moment in an exquisite restaurant. It all just looks perfect... until you consult the wine list.

Words: 820 - Reading time: 3.5 min.




How your email signature files become a give away

We are all confronted with our daily avalanche of emails. After answering them as efficiently as possible we sign off with a 'Best regards', 'Sincerely' of 'Best' our name and coordinates. Presto, finished, done. Next. Still a couple of dozens of emails to deal with. But wait.

Words: 699 - Reading time: 2.5 min.





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