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Apparently a lot of galleries still trust that their distant, informational 'portfolio' site will survive it all.
As a consequence they exploit not even 50% of their web site's potential.

Luckily, more and more galleries already got the message. They enjoy each day the results generated by a solid web marketing strategy and ever more opportunities.


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Re-thinking your site into a fully integrated marketing tool is rewarding beyond any expectations.

Once you are committed to grow your site in parallel with your gallery and your marketing efforts, step-by-step your site will become a real transformative tool for your visitors as well as for yourself: building a solid basis for your gallery, generating income, creating more and more opportunities.

But above all, you will master what it takes to 'educate' visitors to become art enthusiasts and loyal, seasoned collectors, people you can build your business on for years.


The web sure isn't waiting for you to take the decisive leap

It evolves even faster than ever before.

And it's true: building a fully-functional gallery site demands the same commitment as becoming a reference in the real world.

Together we will learn today’s web, step-by-step, away from all the hype and buzz to give you the decisive advantage and to obtain you the ROI you expected from your gallery's site from the start.


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Before you join the Art Gallery Hub, I suggest you 'Enjoy!' some articles to get a better idea of the content that I provide. You will discover solutions for some of the most basic mistakes a lot of gallery sites make and how you can implement your learnings on your own or brief and follow-up with your web designer/programmer.

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The 'Back Room' is a spot for like minded gallery owners. Professionals who want to elaborate their web marketing strategy and get their gallery's site ahead of others committed that they are to bring it to the next level.

Yet, without your access, you miss out on more valuable information such as:

• Why 60 percent of galleries can't measure the effectiveness of their announcements.
• What you can learn from the art fair organisers.
• How to turn invitations to upcoming exhibitions into a fuller experience.
• How to avoid a crucial mistake when you participate in an event such as a gallery weekend.

And more.

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