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Discover how your artists and gallery are represented on the web


Google alerts is the easiest way to gather less-known information about your artists



Google alerts works much the same way as any search engine

The search commands follow the same codes and syntax, but this 'tool' offers a major plus: Google alerts works in the background and scans the entire Google universe 24/7 for the search you enter.

This way it often comes up with information you would never find, especially in the blogosphere where a lot of art enthusiasts are particularly active.


The easiest way to gather less-known information

When on the Google alerts page:

You will receive a confirmation email from Google right away in your mailbox. It really is that simple.


Dig for artists, galleries, curators,...

Now, repeat the procedure for each of your artists, your URL, your domain name. Test also with a gallery, an artist, a curator, ... that you want to follow more closely on the web.

The alerts will start rolling in, filling your inbox with emails containing an avalanche of information.
Not only will you be surprised by their volume, but mainly by the variation in sources of information: news items, blog alerts, social media posts, pictures, audios, videos, etc.

Even if some alerts show up repeatedly because the same info is often distributed via different channels, the number of real hidden gems is truly astonishing.


A fantastic tool to capture the blogosphere

Scanning the blogosphere for valuable information is even more painstaking than on the web. Nevertheless it is the blogosphere where you will highlight 'real' information on how audiences look at your artists and your gallery.


Why Google Alerts is worth consulting permanently

Google isn't 'the web', but nevertheless represents a portion of the web you shouldn't ignore. Where else will you find a tool that scans the Google universe 24/7 in the background? Moreover, alerts not only dig up information that is just posted, but also less recent items published sometimes even years ago if you use the appropriate commands.


A permanent keywords search tool

Google alerts is also exciting as a secondary tool to test keywords or keyword phrases you use or plan to use for your gallery's site. If you run Google alerts on these words continuously, you start to see what galleries show up, thus use the same keywords. This way it offers supplementary information on keywords you can select (or look for alternatives) for your own gallery's site.


Two more pieces of advice



Feel welcome to comment, ask or suggest any additional information on Google Alerts.




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Otherwise you can check here for books related to the profession and a detailed study on the opportunities for contemporary arts, a.o. private art galleries in the United Kingdom, a sure source of inspiration for private contemporary art galleries worldwide.



Luuk Christiaens


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