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Does your visitor act precisely as you planned?


Crazy Egg reveals every single move of a visitor on a gallery's site



This little gem of a tool reveals it all

Imagine you can check how many clicks each of your artists on your artists' page receives. Or how many people click through to consult the bio page of an artist. How long it took them to click. What day of the week they did. Or where visitor X and visitor Y who clicked on a same spot came from respectively. If you think this must be magic... get ready for a surprise! Because there is more.


Surprisingly, the true power of Crazy Egg is somewhat hidden

Only when you select 'overlay mode' and click on a +mark displayed, you can see the number of clicks a particular element of a page - an image, a hyperlink, etc - has generated. Fine. But it's only when you click in the pop up window to know 'more' that Crazy Egg reveals its real potential. Because for every single spot you can look up a list of data such as the unique visits, time and day of the visit, the operating system, type of browser but even the time to click.


Crazy Egg continues where other tracking software abandon

They limit their data to page level while Crazy Egg delivers full data inside the page for every single click on any given component of any given page of your gallery's site.

Add to these hourly reporting, listing functions, the export of data to spreadsheets, sharing results, rss and email notifications for the pages tracked etc. and you can easily imagine how this tool enables you to finetune the accessibility of any given page upto the smallest detail.


Why you should consider opening an account for this tool

What makes this tool really attractif is its pricing. You can select your plan based on your monthly visitors' number to your gallery's site. And yes... it's worth every cent. Moreover you can stop your account on any given moment.


P.S. In case you wonder, I am not affiliated with Crazy Egg nor do I have a deal to promote their tool here. It's simply an extraordinary tool you should sign up for if you want to seize how each individual visits your gallery's site.


Feel welcome to comment, ask or suggest any additional information on Crazy Egg.




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Luuk Christiaens


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